United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives. Help stop the spread of COVID-19. A worldwide challenge, launched by the United Nations at the end of March 2020, to creatives to lend their talent and imagination to help the UN and its World Health Organisation to communicate how to avoid or minimise the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. The organization was in need of strong, impactful messaging for all languages, cultures, communities and platforms — because they needed to reach everybody, everywhere.

Touching our face is a habit, on average we do it 23 times in only one hour. Not a lot of people are aware of this. 

We introduce Hands off, a hands on update of Skype. 
The update counts the number of times people touch their faces during a video call using gamification. Every time you touch your face, a finger will appear on your screen. Fingers will eventually cover your whole screen. The intention is to touch your face as few times as possible. In this way we  stimulate people to touch their face less in a fun way and be more corona proof!
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